Mobility Aides

Apry 26, 2016

Mobility Aides

Small dogs: Padded laundry basket, dog carriers, Ruff wear harness.

Large dogs: Slings ( a towel under the belly will work), harness (helpemup harness, walkabout harness, Bottoms up leash).

Wheel chairs: Eddie’s wheels, Walkin wheels, K9 carts, Huggy Cart (small dogs –

A wheel chair for your dog is not only for the situation in which your dog will never walk again. It is also a valuable tool for letting your dog move about independently in a normal standing positon until he/she can do it on their own. You can rent wheelchairs from some companies and clinics for short term use.(Our Hearts Canine Rehab has carts available for rental or purchase).

Dog Strollers (Red flyer type wagons with padding may also be useful).