Apry 28, 2016


Pee Pads – available at most pet stores (but cheaper to get the human version), Walmart and online (good sales at,,

Baby wipes

Doggie diapers

Belly bands (males) – Velcro fastener (“Simple solutions”); button fastener (“Vetsbest”)

You may also use women’s kotex or diapers inside the belly band to increase absorbency

Booties ( Pawz, Muttlucks,

Drag bag ( – allows dog to be mobile without scraping limbs

Wheel Chairs:

Wheel chairs can be ordered for a dog with just the rear limb issues or for all 4 limbs and include accessories such as slings for rear legs so they do not drag their paws. Costs range from approx. $300 to $1200 depending on the size of your dog and if you need only rear support or all 4 limb support.

Eddie’s Wheels

Walkin Wheels

K9 Carts

Doggon Wheels

Dog Strollers:

Multiple companies offer Dog strollers
Multiple companies offer Dog strollers of different types and sizes